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2017 RTB AALAS Award Nominations

2017 RTB AALAS Award Nominations

RTB AALAS Award Nominations


We are seeking nominations for our RTB Awards, which will be presented at our Annual Banquet in February 2017. Submit all nomination letters and award questions to, no later than Dec 31, 2016.




Rookie of the Year (Vendor – changes yearly)

Plaque & $100

Criteria: 1 year or less working in an animal facility. Current membership in RTB AALAS.


Bio-Serv Enhancement or Improvement of Animal Welfare Award (Bio-Serv)

Plaque & $250

Criteria: Member of RTB AALAS. Person nominating must also be a member of RTB AALAS. To recognize contributions of an individual who have contributed a positive impact to enrich, enhance, and/or improve the lives of animals or the environment they work in with regards to animal welfare.


Purina Prolab Award (Purina Mills)

Plaque & $100 plus $50 to National AALAS Foundation Education Committee

Criteria: Individual must have daily contact with animals and demonstrate a positive attitude toward animal welfare, performance excellence, the pursuit of knowledge in the field of laboratory animal care, and innovative approaches to husbandry-related problems. Formal education is not considered. Current membership in RTB AALAS.


Research Technician Award (Envigo)

Plaque & $250

Criteria: LAT or AALAS-Certified Technologist working with the technical aspects of a research project. Current membership in RTB AALAS.


Technician of the Year Award (RTB AALAS)

Plaque & $250. Winner of this award is nominated for the National Technician of the Year award subject to National AALAS stipulations.

Criteria: LAT or LATG, who is involved in RTB AALAS. Current membership in RTB AALAS.


Presidents Award (Charles River)

Plaque & $500

Criteria: ALAT or LAT, not at a supervisory level, who exemplifies outstanding dedication and service to the field of Laboratory Animal Care. Current membership in RTB AALAS.


Innovation Award (Tecniplast)

Plaque & $250

Criteria: Current member of RTB and National AALAS. Demonstration of commitment to innovation and ingenuity in contributions to the field of laboratory animal science. Participation in learning or information programs. Demonstrated participation in developing, improving, implementing, or providing training and education programs. Demonstrated interest in attaining additional education and training preferred. All considerations being equal, candidates having AALAS certifications will be given priority.


Managers Award (Allentown Caging Systems)

Plaque & $250

Criteria: LAT or AALAS-certified LATG and/or Registered CMAR working as a manager or supervisor of a Research Animal Facility. Individual must be an active member of RTB AALAS and National AALAS Member.


Clayton Cisar Memorial Award (RTB AALAS Executive Council)


Criteria: To recognize contributions of an individual to the Research Triangle Branch and the humane treatment of animals used in biomedical research and teaching. This is not necessarily an annual award but is awarded based on a nomination from the general membership. Selection of the recipient is made by the Executive Council. Individual must be an active member of RTB AALAS.