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December 2012 – Archive

December 2012 – Archive

December 2012 – Archive

Nov 10 2014 •

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  • Branch Leadership
  • President’s Message
  • Vendor Sector
  • Jeopardy Night
  • Award Nominations
  • Nominee for EC
  • Pictures from Jeopardy
  • Treasury Report
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Branch Leadership

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President’s Message

Greetings RTB-AALAS,

Here we are close to the end of another year. This year has gone by quickly, but not without fabulous learning and fun opportunities for our Branch. Within the last couple of months the Branch offered a fun and educational day at the Durham Museum of Life and Science, a fun day of golf, and an educational event outlining animal enrichment and behavior. I would especially like to cel-ebrate the hard work of Lorie Boyd, Julie Kent, and Sarah Wall. These ex-ecutive board members were instrumental in directing and coordinating the aforementioned activities for this year and they deserve celebration because they never illustrated a distressful demeanor, but persevered until the job was done. Ladies, I applaud YOU!!!

To end the year out, we are gearing up to begin the LAS Advocacy Program Series. The series will start on Thursday, September 27th from 3PM – 5PM at The Hamner. It will run until December and we will meet on the following days: October 18th, November 15th, and December 6th. The participants in this series will work together to become “The Voice” of LAS in our local commu-nities. One thing that Dr. Temple Grandin spoke on so passionately at the Ani-mal Enrichment and Behavior Forum that has resonated with me all weekend is, WE DON’T TELL OUR STORIES. WE ARE QUIET ABOUT WHAT WE DO, BUT NOW IS THE TIME TO LET OUR COMMUNITIES KNOW EXACT-LY WHAT WE DO AND HOW SUPERBLY WE CARE FOR THE ANIMALS! I was so happy to hear her encourage the attendees to speak out because her plea directly aligns with what the LAS Advocacy Program Series is all about. That was confirmation for me that RTB is on the right track.

Please remember that RTB is always open to new ideas for meetings, wet labs, and outings. Feel free to forward your ideas and suggestions to my attention or anyone on the executive board. If you are interested in working on one of our committees (Education, Membership, Awards, Programs, etc.), let it be known. We will welcome you with open arms.

Hope to see you soon.

Take care and ENJOY LIFE to the fullest!


RTBAALAS Executive Council


Tonya Hargett – Phone: (336) 334-7995


Michael O’Connor – Phone: (919) 741-8577


Bill Wade – Phone (919) 668-6722


Lorie Boyd – Phone: (919) 723-8356


Joy Brinkerhoff – Phone: (336) 716-2731

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