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Issue includes Committee & Trustee Reports

Issue includes Committee & Trustee Reports

Issue includes Committee & Trustee Reports

Nov 01 2010 •

In This Issue

  • Branch Leadership
  • President’s Message
  • Vendor Sector
  • Jeopardy Night
  • Award Nominations
  • Nominee for EC
  • Pictures from Jeopardy
  • Treasury Report
  • NEW 2012 Membership Info
  • Advertising application


Branch Leadership

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President’s Message

Greetings RTB-AALAS,

Hello, RTB AALAS. This is a bittersweet moment for me because this is my last President’s message. I would like to thank everyone that has supported me this year. Thank you to everyone that attended at least one meeting this year. Thanks to all of the vendors that have sponsored a meal this year: Troy Livingston from Sanitation Strategies, Barbara Rodriguez from Priority One Services, Harry Davis from Alpha Omega, Heidi Thomas from Clear H20, and Laura Allred from Quip Laboratories. You all help to make our meetings successful, and we appreciate it. Last but certainly not least, I would like to thank the Executive Council for their hard work and dedication.

I have heard talk this year about the decrease in member participation. Member participation has decreased as well as the number of members that we have in RTB AALAS. These numbers have decreased steadily each year. It is up to us to keep RTB AALAS alive. I have heard several excuses for people not participating in RTB AALAS activities: 1) my job has educational activities, so I do not need RTB AALAS, 2) I am too busy, or 3) the meetings are not held at the right time for me. The list goes on. We must remember Paul McKellips talk on the importance of biomedical research. RTB AALAS can no longer be just about educating those in the field. We must reach out to the community and become advocates for biomedical research. RTB AALAS is not only a place where we can educate ourselves, but we must begin to promote public understanding, respect and support for humane and responsible animal research. Our futures depend on it as well as the futures of generations to come. I look forward to seeing you all at the RTB AALAS Banquet on Thursday, February 10, 2011, at the Durham Hilton near Duke University. More information about the banquet is forthcoming. I am excited about handing over the gavel to Bill Wade, and I know that he is even more excited to receive the gavel and begin to serve as your 2011 RTB AALAS President.

Thanks again for all of your support this year..

Hope to see you soon.

Take care and ENJOY LIFE to the fullest!


RTBAALAS Executive Council


Tonya Hargett – Phone: (336) 334-7995


Michael O’Connor – Phone: (919) 741-8577


Bill Wade – Phone (919) 668-6722


Lorie Boyd – Phone: (919) 723-8356


Joy Brinkerhoff – Phone: (336) 716-2731

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